[[t]ˈnʌm bər[/t]] n.
1) a mathematical unit used to express an amount, quantity, etc., usu. having precise relations with other such units:
Six is an even number[/ex]
2) math. a numeral or group of numerals
3) use the sum, total, or aggregate of a collection of units:
the number of people with reserved seats[/ex]
4) math. the particular numeral assigned to an object to designate its place in a series:
a house number; a license number[/ex]
5) one of a series of things distinguished by or marked with numerals
6) a certain collection or quantity not precisely reckoned, but considerable:
a number of times[/ex]
7) a collection or company
8) numbers
a) a considerable quantity; many:
Numbers came to the parade[/ex]
b) pro numerical strength or superiority
c) metrical feet; verse
d) gam
numbers pool 1)
e) inf Informal. the figures representing the actual cost, expense, profit, etc
f) arithmetic
9) mad a tune or arrangement for singing or dancing
10) mad a distinct performance within a show, as a song or dance
11) pri jou a single issue of a periodical
12) cvb tgp a code of numerals, letters, or a combination of these, as that assigned to a particular telephone
13) gram. Gram. a category of inflection or other variation in the form of a word serving to indicate whether the word has one or more than one referent, as in the distinction between singular and plural and, in some languages, dual or trial
14) cvb inf Informal. person; individual:
a cute number[/ex]
15) inf Informal. an article of merchandise, esp. of wearing apparel, offered for sale
16) to mark with or distinguish by numbers
17) to amount to or comprise in number; total
18) to consider or include in a number:
I number myself among his friends[/ex]
19) to count over one by one; enumerate; tell
20) to fix the number of
21) to ascertain the amount or quantity of; count
22) to apportion or divide
23) to make a total; reach an amount
24) to count
Etymology: 1250–1300; (n.) ME nombre < OF < L numerus; (v.) ME nombren < OF nombrer < L numerāre (der. of numerus) num′ber•a•ble, adj. num′ber•er, n. usage: See amount, collective noun .

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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